About Me

Hi. I’m Steve Wamsley, a St. Louis based web developer with interests in music, running, cycling, and electronics. This is my personal web site. I currently work as an independent contractor with Phoenix Bright Software, LLC specializing in Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP and Node.js as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and mobile iOS and Android application development.


In addition to my computer related work, I keep myself busy as a semi-professional violist. I studied viola my whole life, attaining a bachelor of music degree from the University of Southern California in 1994. More recently, I play in the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra and the Gateway Festival Orchestra and freelance in small ensembles around the Greater St. Louis area.


I consider myself somewhat of a fitness enthusiast. I ran cross country in high school and carried that over into adult life to maintain my fitness level. I started studying martial arts as an adult and achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do in September, 2000. Currently I practice Krav Maga and recently achieved Level 3 (Orange Belt).