St. Louis Philharmonic Day At The Fox Theatre

St. Louis Philharmonic Edward Jones Concert at the FoxHere’s a slight diversion from my running articles. Last Sunday, I spent the entire day backstage and on stage at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Each year, the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra puts on a couple shows at the Fox. The shows are sponsored by Edward Jones who pays for the hall and contributes a sizable donation to the Philharmonic which helps us out tremendously with our operating costs for the season.

We began rehearsal at 10:00 a.m. and then had performances at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. An estimate going around claims that we had over 3,000 in attendance for each show – and we were well received.

We were served a catered lunch in the Fox Club between performances. It is really fun to hang out with friends backstage and see all the history of the theater listening to the live music from the giant four-manual Wurlitzer organ, one of only five of its type ever built1. I’m regretting now not taking more pictures from the theatre. There’s always next year.

This year’s theme was “It’s Showtime”. The performances were opened with┬áthe “Star Spangled Banner” and a color guard from the five branches of the military. Along with the patriotic standards, we played various songs and arias from opera to Broadway. Verdi, Puccini, Webber, Ellington, Bernstein, Rodgers, etc. By the end of the day, my bow arm shoulder was all cramped up and I had tunes from musicals ringing in my head for the next couple of days. But let’s face it, I’m kind of a sucker for the “pops” concerts and I had a really great time. My only regret was missing the awesome weather and an opportunity for a long trail run!

(Come to think of it now, I don’t think I’ve ever entered the Fox from the front. I guess I will get that chance when I see Louie C.K. next month.)