PHPKeyStore Update

The KeyStore API is code complete. Check it out at The current development release can always be installed with PEAR using:
pear install
All that really remains right now is internal tweaking for best practices and performance.
To summarize the functionality, the key management functionality consists of:

  • Loading and storing the key store
  • Creating secret keys, certificate signing requests, importing signed certificates, and deleting key store entries
  • Querying the key store for the existence of an entry and what type of entry it is

And the key usage functionality consists of:

  • Loading the key store
  • Using a public/private key pair to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify
  • Using a secret symmetric key to encrypt and decrypt

The current to-do list:

  • Add configuration file for system default values
  • Support file-based passwords
  • Support user-supplied options on the interface methods in order to support cryptographic functionality other than the default, baked-in settings
  • Add failure-case unit tests
  • Code review

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