iPhone Electronic Formula Calculator

My latest adventure has been in the iPhone/iTouch application development world. The first application to hit the iTunes Store is Formula Sensei, a formula database and calculator. Formula Sensei will encompass a suite of formula calculators, the first of which is the Electronic Formula Calculator. This app has been developed and uploaded for review/approval to the iTunes store. Future editions of Formula Sensei will include financial, real estate, physics, etc. A web site has been set up to provide more information about the product:
Update: the E-Formulas app has now been approved for sale! See it at the iTunes Store: E-Formulas.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Electronic Formula Calculator”

  1. Hi, so far as I can tell, Foruma Sensei does not function as a customized formula calculator. Is that correct? If so, is it possible you can create a version that permits users to create whatever formulae they wish?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is true. The formulas are pre-configured. However, we do have plans to add the ability to add custom formulas. Not sure when, but it’s in the works.

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